Living With Passion

What drives champions? Passion.

Passion is the essence of life.

Passion is the starting point to living a life of purpose, significance and fulfilment.

Passion is the generator that powers you with energy, vitality and dynamism on the journey of life.

Passion can turn impossibilities into possibilities. It can move you to achieve your highest calling.

Passion can lead you to magical times of life. It can also help you stretch every moment and savour it, moment by moment.

The reason is because passion, joy and happiness are close cousins.

They usually travel through thick and thin of life together.

Passion is the fire in your soul.

It can help you burn a trail and leave a track record of blazing glory.

That’s why if you cannot find passion in what you do, there is no reason why your body should be in it.

The lack of passion will eventually suck every bit of life from you.

Hence, ensure that you sleep and jump out of bed with passion.

Without passion, you are dead but not buried. You are alive but you may not be living life.

You don’t need to search for passion out there in the world.

Our Creator has already placed passion in your heart and being.

While growing up, the world might have cruelly tried to extinguish the fire inside you but still, a spark of passion would remain.

Fan the flame and reignite the fire.

People might try to crush it but they couldn’t because it’s the essence of life.

Fire it up and add to it the fuel of dreams, values and perseverance.

And fan it with imagination, learning and discipline.

Passion is the genesis of living a life that is truly worth the living.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read my reflections and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Strengthen Your Wealth-Consciousness.

The noise was deafening to say the least. At every corner of the room, people seemed to be screaming.

Prices were being quoted loudly by the seconds. It was as if all hell had broken loose.

Some dealers were sitting at the edge of their seats – adrenaline on full rush. All eyes were fixed on the computer screens.

Suddenly, the Chief Dealer screamed, “Five dollars, yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours! … Yours!”

In trading lingo, ‘one dollar’ represents ‘US$1 million’ and ‘yours’ means ‘sold to you’.

In other words, US$50 million dollars had been sold right under my eyes. And it was not the only trade for the rest of the day.

In that instance, my financial consciousness was awakened.

I had never realized there were so much money out there. So much money that could be within my reach – if only I believed and acted on it.

I was spending time in the dealing room of an offshore bank. It was no ordinary bank – financial traders called it a ‘market maker.’

It was a bank that could literally move the money market.

This was not the only dealing room that I saw millions of dollars changing hands.

I was privileged to watch similar action in almost any dealing room – what was termed as the ‘sacred sanctuary’ of a financial and investment firm.

At that point in time, I was head of the regional sales and marketing operation for Dow Jones Telerate.

I was involved in supplying financial information to most of the government agencies, organizations, and individuals that were involved in financial investments.

We like to believe that, without us, trading in the investment markets might have to slow down and in some market segments, might even have to stop.

As a result, I got to know many of the ‘who’s who’ in the world of financial investment. Obviously, to them, I was a ‘who’s Patrick?!’

Among these professionals, there was one who impressed the socks off me – the Chief Dealer of a market maker.

I took great effort to cultivate his friendship. It was no easy task because, if you knew him, you would think he was born without a heart or he had his heart gutted out from him by cold hard numbers.

This man was totally immersed in the money market – completely focused on maximizing his returns on investments. His life revolved around profits, profits, and more profits.

We became good friends – actually I was probably his only friend. We were so close that he finally agreed to help me invest my meagre savings and pittance of a salary.

When we shook hands to seal our investment partnership, I felt I had struck the mother lode. My financial destiny would finally take off.

Our investments went on for quite a few months but it was not getting anywhere close to what I was expecting.

I finally took the courage to question his investment strategy. I needed to know how he managed my hard-earned money.

This prominent investor said something to me that I would never forget for the rest of my life. He said, ”Patrick, if I know for sure how to make money, will I still be an employee in the bank?”

I could still hear his words reverberating through the chamber of my mind. They abruptly put an end to my financial innocence.

From that day onwards, I realized the best person to manage my money is – myself.

I started to think more deeply about money matters. I made up my mind to pursue financial wisdom.

There were many imponderables that led me to my lifelong pursuit for wealth. Please let me share some of them with you.

Wealth-creation is the result of a targeted mindset,a passionate dream, an enlarged capacity for more and better results, a competent skill set, and a
disciplined and ever-improving lifestyle.

To do that, you need to build on your money-consciousness.

To start developing a healthy financial habit, use cash instead of a credit card or any other form of cashless transaction.

In other words, you need to strengthen your foundation to create wealth.

1. Be mindful about money

As a start, you should become more conscious about the way you spend money.

You should be more mindful about reality of daily financial transactions.

Remember: when money is spent, it’s gone – forever.

Over time, when you become more conscientious, you will become more careful about your spending behavior and habits.

You will be more wary about not wasting hard-earned money.

2. Appreciate value of money

By using cash, you can be more aware of what you can get with your current amount of warm and tender (and not cold hard) cash.

In the same way, you will also realise what you cannot get with your money.

You will realise that you have to save for a while to get many good things in life.

For example, save money and invest in your own education so that you can be better positioned and be more prepared for success.

3. Develop financial discipline and habits

When you appreciate the value of money and the good it can do for you, your loved ones and society as a whole, you will become more motivated to earn more money.

You will learn to explore more and better ways to generate a higher income and ongoing profits.

You will develop a habit of saving money.

Once you start this wonderful habit, you will want to save more money.

You will realise that you don’t need to spend as much money as you thought.

You don’t have to follow other people’s spending habit.

Many of them don’t know how to manage their finance, let alone know how to achieve financial freedom.

You will learn how to spend less money and still be able to live well.

For example, I have learned to go to factory outlets and wait for a seasonal sales to buy good and essential products but at a substantial discount.

Earning more, spending less and saving more money are basic but critical habits to become rich and wealthy.

4. Become a wiser consumer

When you use cash to buy something, you will need to ask for its price.

You will have to take money out from your wallet and collect back the change if necessary.

When you save your loose change, you will realise every cent can add up to a lot of money.

In addition, you will also become more mindful of the price of your purchase.

Soon, you will discover that prices of goods are not pegged scientifically and they are not absolute.

You can always get better buys and better bargains in different ways and places.

You may also realise that you don’t need the “stuffs” and “toys” that are being merchandised, advertised and promoted to consumers like us.

You will learn to stop yourself from impulsive buying. You will not be easily misled by salespersons and cheated by con men who know how to play on your greed and win your heart and mind.

You will learn to make better buying decisions and live a more effective life.

You will learn to be a wiser consumer.

5. Build a more sustainable reservoir of positive emotions

You may discover that the outcome of buying something is in the hope of an emotional gain. For example, you have been programmed to believe that buying a product will bring about happiness.

Such emotion is transient and frequently not sustainable.

Fact is, there are other ways and even better ways to enjoy positive emotions without having to spend money.

You will learn to appreciate and value relationships, experiences, and memories more than whatever you can buy in a shop.

Some of the best things in life as they say, are free.

Sad to say, we often choose to spend unnecessarily and pursue materialism and affluence.

The wonderful things in life include learning to appreciate beauty around you, being grateful about daily blessing, and meditating about the goodness of life.

It also includes spending quality time with family and friends, going for a nice walk, or recording your reflection like what I’m doing right now.

You will learn to major on the majors. And like Steven Covey would say, put first things first.

6. Live simply

There is a related cousin of the credit card. It’s called an ‘ATM,’ ‘Cash’ or ‘Nets’ card.

For me, I use a foreign bank’s ATM card. They have only a few ATM machines.

I make it less convenient to draw money.

In addition, I draw only a small sum of money each time.

This is to remind and compel myself to spend less.

When you spend less money, you will have less baggage to carry in your life.

You will learn to live simply.

Then, you will realise that you don’t need to live lavishly to lead a happy life.

Simplicity is one of the keys to a life of happiness and well-being.

Using cash can lead you to appreciate the more important and finer things in life.

7. Cultivate discipline of delayed gratification

Spending money is the most expensive way to live life. Lol!

Learn to say no and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Appreciate the value and discipline of delayed gratification.

It may be hard to practise delayed gratification in an “instant fix” society.

Most people are looking for easy ways, shortcuts, get-rich-quick schemes, and on-demand pleasures.

Delayed gratification requires self-control, discipline and perseverance. These are also traits that are common in many successful people.

When I studied these people, I found they are masters in controlling their urges for immediate gratification.

They do it through self-restraint, training, and constant practice.

They know that success requires self-mastery, determination and hard work. They practised these disciplines in their daily life.

People who exercise more self-control in fulfilling their wants tend to become more positive, self-motivated, and resilient in achieving their goals.

As a result, they become more successful in life.

8. Be an effective negotiator

When you use cash, you will have a greater tendency to ask for a discount and bargain for a better deal.

As you take a firmer grip of your financial position and have a better control over your expenses, you will be more conscious of better buys.

You will seek for advice. You will ask for a better way to acquire things.

You will find out if you can get better returns for your money and a lower interest rate when you need financing.

You will learn the art and science of bargaining and negotiation.

That in and of itself can be fun and exciting. Besides, it is an important skill to develop and apply to be an achiever in life.

9. Develop long term visions and goals

As you realise what money can do for your life and for others, you will be compelled to develop long term visions and goals.

You will not be satisfied with fleeting pleasures and short term gains.

In time, you will be able to afford better things in life.

You and your family can live in comfort and security even as you give more of yourself to the world.

You will have more resources to give back and live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

With sound visions and goals, you will be more mindful of how you should deploy and channel your resources.

You will learn to move in the right direction and achieve better outcomes.

10. Avoid unhealthy credit card debts

Last but not least, you will never be trapped by the clutches of unhealthy financial debt because you can “charge it to the card.”

Credit card debts have become one of the biggest reasons for bankruptcy and financial ruins.

When you use cash, you will never live beyond your means.

You will never have to worry about paying high interest rates to credit card companies.

You will never have to worry about being overcharged and living with recurring payments.

You will not have to suffer auto-renewals of purchases that you don’t need and want.

In summary, learn to increase your financial intelligence level. Learn how to earn, spend, save, invest, protect, and give away your money wisely.

As you increase your financial intelligence, it will prevent you from suffering financially or going broke.

Without sound financial intelligence, even if you are rich, you may not be able to keep your money and grow it over time.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Building A #WorldOfGood

Thank you for the write-up about our company, and how we propose to

disrupt and turn Human Resources Management upside down or to be more precise, right side up.

At the heart of HRM is touching and inspiring the hearts of fellow humans.

Bring out the best from them, and help them live a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling lives.

Together, let’s strive to be humane, support humanitarian causes, and contribute to progress of humanity.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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What Is True Beauty?

Every person is beautiful in his or her own unique way.

Some will discover their own beauty and use it for the greater good.

On the other hand, many will be distracted and be misled by the world’s frill, fad, fetish, or fashion about beauty.

Sadly, they will not find the beauty within themselves.

They will continue to chase after the winds of commercial beauty and eventually, they’ll reap a whirlwind.

As a property investor, I believe that pursuing outward looks and appearance to please others is like a leasehold property. They won’t last.

Such a perception of looks and appearance is deceiving. It is like a show flat – pleasing to the eyes but it may not reflect the reality of a property.

The paradox of beauty is that the more you chase after it, the more elusive it will become.

Take a leaf from the beautiful things of nature.

They do not compete and compare with each other.

In their own ways, they brighten and enlighten the world around them.

Beauty therefore does not come from outward physical appearance but from a shining light in your soul.

It comes out from deep within you, and is expressed in the way you think, talk and act for others.

When you start to be yourself and like yourself, you start to become beautiful.

Look for the beauty in others and they will start to see the beauty in you.

Beauty is not evaluated by reflection from a mirror but the reflection of the people you have impacted.

It’s not captured by the eyes or a photo, but felt by the hearts of the people whose lives have been positively impacted by you.

Beauty cannot be seen by the eyes, but felt by the souls of the people around you.

Beauty does not need attention. Yet, others will not get tired of looking at you.

That’s far more important than looking at a mirror or a photo, and definitely more worthwhile than the judges’ score cards in a beauty contest.

When you aim to live up to your best self and live to serve others, people will see beauty in and through you.

Your beauty will then become a lifelong joy and asset.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read my reflections and continue to teach me.

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Be Responsible For Your Children.

When relationship and marriage break down, couples
should not involve their children in their quarrels and be unduly proud that their children are standing on their sides.

Research has shown that children whose parents are unwedded, divorced or separated tend to have lower emotional and social quotients.

These and other deficiencies can affect their children’s character developments, educational achievements and social mobility.

As adults, parents should be responsible for their words and actions, and not allow any irresponsible actions, including outbursts to affect their innocent children.

Case in point, they should settle their marital issues outside their homes or behind closed doors.

If need be, they should seek professional help not just for their ongoing relationships, but also for guidance on how to communicate with their children and raise them up properly.

Parents should also ensure that third parties; including their own family members and friends, will not have undue influence on their children and affect them physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

They should do every thing possible to protect their children and ensure that they grow up to become educated, responsible and useful members of society.

Children Taught Me 10 Secrets Of Happiness.

Children Taught Me 10 Secrets Of Happiness. Children can teach you many powerful lessons to be a happier person. Let me share ten of these lessons with you.

1. Choose To Be Happy. Happiness is a choice and a right given to you. Make the right choice and take the right action from now.

2. Live As Happily As You Want. Every morning when children wake up, they may have to choose between being happy or being unhappy. They do not choose to be unhappy and carry unhappiness in their minds and behaviors. Children just move on to live as happily as they can. Happiness is a matter of choice and change and not a matter of chance or circumstances.

3. Be Happy With Everything Within And Around You. Children’s happiness has nothing to do with their feelings. It has nothing to do with wealth and other possessions. Children generate happiness with any and everything in their life. They can be happy in any situation and environment.

4. Be Happy: No Reasons Needed. If you ask children why they are happy, they may not be able to give you a reason. Everything inside and around them can make them happy. If you ask the average adult the same question, they will probably tell you many reasons why they are not happy. Everything inside and around them can make them unhappy. Children’s happiness is not dependent on any conditions or circumstances. For many adults, they are happy “if only…,” or “because…” Children can teach you that you can be happy. Period.

5. Stop Planting Seeds Of Unhappiness. What happened to some of us between childhood and adulthood? Some people choose to plant seeds of negativity in the gardens of their mind. They grow fruits of worries, resentment, hatred, vengeance, and all kinds of negative emotions. They choose to become producers of unhappiness in their mind. Improve their productivity for unhappiness by thinking more unhappy thoughts. Tragically, they allow unhappiness to become a part of their thought patterns. They put on “unhappy sunglasses.” Therefore, everything looks unhappy to them. Communicate words that attract only unhappiness. Eg. “Why is my life so hard?” “I don’t think it will be a good day today,” etc. To make matters worse, they keep imagining negative scenarios and visualizing negative outcomes. Soon, they become addicted to the chemicals in their brains that generate unhappy emotions. Unhappiness can unfortunately attract more unhappiness. To be happy, nip unhappiness at its bud. Children do not chase after unhappiness or allow it to slip into their minds. Even if unhappiness gets in, it does not take roots and is quickly repelled from their precious minds.

6. Focus On Being Happy And Pursue Things That Makes You Happy. Children focus on happiness. It is a way of life. Children wake up and look forward to life. They are curious, playful, and adventurous. Pursue anything and everything that make them happy. They remember many of the sources of happiness and they return back to these sources again and again. They have no room for any negative emotions. Never worry over small matters. In any case, there are no matters that are big enough for them to worry about. Children also know that worrying will not solve anything. In other words, there is nothing to worry about. Just be happy.

7. Live simply. Children live simply. They have no negative desires or unrealistic expectations. They do not carry unnecessary baggages with them. Allow any burdens or blockages to weigh them down. Children can play with the simplest of things and learn how to have fun with them. Use their energies to focus on important areas that will give them happiness, excitement and fulfillment.

8. Have Good Friends. Children play wholeheartedly with their friends. They don’t look purely after their own interests. They learn to look after each other. Share their happiness and concerns with good friends and lift each other up. Together with those friends, they look for new experiences, moments of fun, and opportunities for laughter. Along the way, they learn and grow. And continue to look forward to a better day.

9. Be Grateful. Children can be grateful for the simplest of things. Thankful for the smallest gesture. If they are not spoilt by adults, they would not be greedy. They do not pander to have more and more things. Children are contented with what they have. In awe and wonder about beauty around them and goodness of life. These wonderful gifts are everywhere. Children appreciate them. They can open their minds and eyes and learn to be grateful and thankful for everything in their lives. They know that being grateful is a source of happiness.

10. Spread Happiness. Children are inclined to spread happiness most of the time. They can do it with anything they have and under any circumstances. Happiness will tend to attract more happiness. Therefore, make people happy and spread happiness everywhere you go. Happiness is reliving virtues of childhood. It is living out childlikeness of happiness. If you want to be happy – be like a child again.

Question: How can you be happy?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read my reflections and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!

Happy Children’s Day Friday, 4 October 2019

You Are Gifted!

I once participated in a dialogue with Mr. Stephen Yam-wing Yip, Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Life-wide Learning & Library) of the Hong Kong Education Bureau.
Together with a group of educational leaders, we engaged him in an insightful and interesting discussion about educational reform.
Midway through the interaction, he casually dropped what I believed to be a great gem of wisdom.
It switched on a light bulb in my mind and kept me thinking.
And it will probably occupy my mind till my last day.
Someone asked him, “What is your government doing about gifted students in Hong Kong?”
Stephen’s reply was both stunningly enlightening and haunting.
He said, “We have done a lot of research about gifted children. We have also spent time to study what other countries are doing to help them.”
“What is giftedness?
“We feel that giftedness can be seen from lens of multiple intelligences.
“Giftedness does not have to be intellectual. It can manifest itself through different knowledge and abililities.
“It can be anything from the way we think and develop ideas, use our body, work with others, take a series of action, or do something.
“The fact is, everybody is gifted.
“Every parent should believe that their children are gifted.”
After he made the last two statements, the silence around the room was deafening.
It seemed like he had unlocked a hidden part of our minds.
He led us into a world that we never knew was inside us.
Think about it.
Our Creator has created you as a unique and wonderful being.
You are designed with distinctive thoughts, passions, knowledge, and skills.
Together, they form strengths that can propel you to success.
When you use your strengths, you can tap the highest level of potential and passion.
Perform at your best and find the sweet spot for your contribution and fulfillment.
It is unfortunate that many have not been able to identity and develop their strengths.
They do not capitalise on them because their talents have been buried in a deep recess of their beings.
For some, the world has cruelly deceived them to believe that they are much lesser than what they really are. They can’t do much with their lives.
Like an undiscovered diamond, they are covered with layers after layers of lies, half truths, and misinformation.
Their giftedness remains buried deep under the ground of ignorance and apathy.
Let the truth be known again – You are gifted!
Let no one take this truth from you.
Nothing should rob you of the possibilities that are waiting to be unleashed from your potential.
If God has made you to be gifted, how grateful should you be? How should you treat yourself?
Because you are gifted, do you know what you can do well?
Or, what you can do well if you put your heart and soul into it?
How should you use your gifts, talents, and strengths?
When are you going to start taking action?
P/S: Parents, please share this message with other parents and all of your children.