Stop Destroying the Trees and Plants

Trees and plants share the same air, sunlight and water with us. They have the rights of stay on the planet as much as we do.

When we hurt them, they scream in silence. They cry not just for themselves but also for all of us.

Our loss is not just the loss of shade and shelter, food and herbs, and other wonderful gifts.

When we harm a tree or a plant, we damage part of the lungs of planet earth, a purifier of the air that keeps us alive.

Our forefathers watched over the trees and plants and looked after them for us. Then they passed the green baton to us.

It bodes well to remember that we are but custodians of the trees and plants around us.

When we dropped the green baton, we betrayed the trust of our forefathers and the good that they have done for us.

In the name of progress, we can exert our rights on the forest.

Perhaps, it’s time we realise that we don’t own the trees and plants, we look after them for our children and our children’s children.

Someday, when we wake up to the reality that we are deeply connected with every part of nature, we might have caused undue damages.

We might realise but too late that – in the words of a Cree Indian proverb – we cannot eat money.

We have acted against the generations that come after us.

We have robbed them of a part of the green blessing, without which their world will be a darker place.

When we plant, protect and preserve a tree, we leave more just a tree behind us.

We leave behind a living legacy, a symbol of hope and inspiration for a better world.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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It’s Time To Be Present

There is magic in the “here and now.”

Have the mindfulness to be aware and to appreciate the beauty of life.

Be enthralled by nature’s captivating masterpieces.

Catch the beauty around you with all your senses.

There are wonders that no humans can reproduce and they are mostly within your reach.

Soak and indulge in the tapestry of colour, shape and hue.

Listen to the sounds in the air. Dance to the music of nature’s symphony.

Taste the delicacy and exquisiteness in every bite of your food.

Enjoy the wonders of smell all around you.

Immerse yourself in the myriad of emotional showers.

Feel your heartbeat. Embrace yourself at every moment.

Listen to the melody of your soul. Raise it to a rousing crescendo, rhyming in sync with the symphony of life.

Be in touch with our Creator and praise Him for all the goodness within and around you.

Be present for every person you meet. Inspire him or her to greatness.

Live, love, learn and laugh at every given moment and to the fullest.

Express words and carry out deeds that can only give life.

Leave a trail of beauty and wonder.

Every moment is magic. Savour it moment by moment.

Carpe Diem!

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I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s House

I like to propose that we demolish Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s house and construct a replica of it to be placed in a Founders’ Memorial Museum.

It will be in line with the spirit and letter of Mr Lee’s will. His original house will be demolished to comply with his wishes.

The old house will never be abused and stand in the way of progress.

The replica on the other hand can contribute to moving the country forward. It can be used to provide a visual image of a very important part of our history.

The replica will be a constant reminder of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been sacrificed to build our nation.

By doing that, it can enhance our passion for our nation. We can be more committed to build on the past and develop a brighter future.

The replica will be a visual lesson for preserving and passing on Mr Lee’s ideals, values, and aspirations.

There are many values that can be learned from the life of our founding father. Values such as love for the country and family,  lifelong learning, discipline, thriftiness, health, and grit are values that are needed to make Singaporeans a better people.

Alternatively, we can have the house digitized and turned into a virtual reality. Viewers can have a “walk through” and learn lessons to make it a purposeful “trip.” Again, it’ll not contravene spirit and letter of Mr Lee’s will.

Before we embark on any or both of the projects, we should consult with the Lee family to ensure that they are supportive of the idea. We hope that they will help to contribute to the narrative about Mr Lee’s house, family, and lifestyle.

In doing so, it will inspire our people to live by Mr Lee’s ideals, pass on his values, and fulfill his aspirations for Singapore.

The end of the beginning

The heavy curtain has fallen
A veil of darkness clouds our nation

The candle flame gone
Giving light to another creation

Music ended
New players took their place
Symphony prepared
Raising crescendos for the human race

The baton has been passed
Giving rise to a new day
What our founding fathers have built
In gratitude we strengthen to thrive in a better way

Salute To Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

An entire country – nay – the whole world

Will long remember that day in March when

The news struck:​​​​​

“Mr. Lee Kuan Yew has passed on.”


For two generations, a stalwart fixture

In a grateful, successful nation

Now here we are — grieving, unbelieving.

For our strong-willed, clean-hearted, leader

Who sowed courage and grit

To harvest honour for a whole nation,

Mining greatness out of solid rock;

A visionary, creator of dreams

One who paved the paths to achieve them,

Now, he is gone.

There are no words, only an abyss of sadness

And praises to the Man

He who headed the journey—

long and arduous–

That built a formidable Singapore;

He who expanded the mindset of a people

And built the foundation

That turned the tide.

He who had brought every Singaporean the gift

Of dignity and prosperity.

There are no words, only reverence

Deep and profound.

He is no longer, that much is true,

Yet he remains.

The legacy of Lee Kuan Yew

Is all around.


Singapore’s proud flag and anthem move

To the winds he propelled;

Singapore’s flourishing trees, parks and gardens

Mirrors of his vision;

Singapore’s bustling roads, structures and industries

Fruits of his initiative;

Singapore’s thriving men, women and children

All that we are is because of him;

Singapore is his legacy,

His bequest to the world.

A man of his time and of the future

We salute you, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

A leader of immeasurable sacrifice and dedication

We are indebted to you, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

A deep wellspring of wisdom and inspiration

We thank you, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

You may have passed on to the other side of the veil

But you will always be —




Goodbye, Sir, fare thee well.

We will always thank the Creator for you, and

Remember you with


Our dearly beloved Father

Mr. Lee Kwan Yew!

A Tribute To Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

I stand all amazed
At the life he lived for me
I tremble in awe
At the way he cared for me
My leader, my advocate
My champion, my hero
His bequest – our nation
To live and die for, to the end.

His monument stands, mighty and proud!
A tiny red dot
Revered in foreign lands
Every breath of fresh air,
Every drop of water,
Every morsel of food,
Every shelter above our heads
Bear the mark of his sacrifices
The work of his very own hands.

From a people of no history
He gave us our identity
Notwithstanding our lack of resources
He saw and harnessed our many strengths
A government untarnished
A country to do business with ease
People who come together as one
Different descents but not dissenting
Proudly Singaporeans!

A man of wisdom and courage
Who wielded an iron hand
To restore order from chaos
A man of vision
Who engineered the path
To lasting transformation.
A man of power
Who resisted the tempter’s snare
A man of pure heart
Free of personal ambition
His eye single to the glory
And the good of the nation.

He learned from the past
Lived ever in the present
And hedged up the way to secure a bright future.
Not one to greed after
Control and power
He spent the last years of his mortal sojourn
Mentoring, educating,
Shaping minds, inspiring
Assuring a succession
Of great leaders
Upon whose lives his legacy
Of serving the people
Shall live on.

My head hangs low
My eyes well up in tears
My heart ache in pain
For such unspeakable loss.

My personal hero
To whom my privileged life I owe.
A leader like him
Is a rare gem
A special spirit
That comes only once
In a long while.

Now he departs
From this earthly station
We will miss his presence
But not for long.

Til we meet again, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
But while we yet
Through the mortal veil pass,
We vow to take care of Singapore,
Your legacy to us.

We shall make our flag fly
Proudly and passionately
We shall be the kind of people
Shaped by your example.

We shall hold you in our hearts
And our remembrances
For a debt of gratitude
We can never repay
Rather deeply honoured
Until the end of days.

Fare thee well, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
We love you, we salute you!

Leading The Past

Been in the bottom rung
Far too long
Been lost in the heap
Where no light takes a peep
A voice within you beckons:
Arise and shine forth
Break free, jump high, take a leap!

Your life belongs to you
The past has no hold on you
Live it differently
Live it better.
You alone can mark the path
Far away from your painful past.

Upon your hands Our Creator has given
The freedom to live as you have chosen
No acceptance needed
No approval demanded
Decide today
Your fate forever
You have the gift of choice
Use it well.

Even if you stumbled in the past
Arise from the dirt and dust!
Look at the past with lessons to gain
Do not wallow in defeat, sadness and pain
No letdowns, but lessons
You’re no victim, but a victor!
No excuses, no pointing fingers!
The past had you in it, but today is happening
And tomorrow awaits
So veer away from the slippery slope
Of negativity
And today create a brand new destiny!

Leave behind the baggage
Break free from the bondage
Why carry a heavy burden
When you can have a lighter load?

Change the world
By changing within
Be fully responsible
Say “I” not “You”
Whatever life hurls at you
Respond with a positive opposing force
Commit to victory
And feast upon life’s wonders and beauty.

Yes, there may have been
A time when you were weak
Taken advantage of, left alone
But our Creator is mindful of you
His design is for you to succeed
Do not let the past condemn
A bright future that awaits
Forgive, forget, move forward!

You may once have lived
Under mere consequence
Of other people’s actions
But your life is yours alone
Determine its significance and purpose
Replace negativity
With positive emotions.
You reap what you sow
When you’re positive about life
Life is positive about you, too!

Challenges are no millstones around your neck
They are cornerstones to your success!
Restart your life
Create the best future!
Improve your skills
Continue to learn
Sustain the change
For the better.
Confront the past
Make peace with it
Hold on to your dreams
Let not the past pin you down
Your victory awaits
Claim it, it’s yours

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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