Money Not Enough?

In the process of mentoring, coaching and training many people over the years, one of the biggest excuses I have heard is;

“Patrick, I have no money or little money, how can I start and grow a business or an investment?”

When it’s appropriate to shake the other party from his comfort zone, I may reply;

“Can you see money pouring down from heaven and money all over the streets for your picking? A few do but many don’t.”

The greatest poverty is not a poverty of money but a poverty of dreams, perseverance and actions.

Throughout the history of personal wealth-creation, a lot of people have become rich through business and investment.

Many did not become rich because they were rich in the first place. They did not inherit any wealth from their parents, loved ones, or a lucking strike.

They learn how to look for and capitalise on wealth-creation opportunities through a variety of entrepreneurial, investment planning and remodeling, fund-raising, deal restructuring, and other initiatives.

In short, they learn to exchange ideas for money and creativity for wealth.

They make sacrifices to cultivate and strengthen their financial intelligence and leverage on it to achieve financial results.

They take massive action to achieve financial freedom.

Unfortunately, there are many sceptics, critics and naysayers that do not believe nor are they willing to take action to capitalise on a wealth-creation mindset, disciplined behaviour and lifestyle, and a well-cultivated network to propel their financial growth and achievement.

Many choose to live and work within their comfort zones throughout their lives.

Sadly, they may not realize that many have become rich in part because of them.

Those who know will eventually make money from those who don’t know or don’t want to know.

Those who learn will eventually make money from those who don’t learn or don’t want to learn.

Those who act will eventually make money from those who don’t act or don’t want to act.

I trust these words will inspire you to challenge conventional mindsets in order to achieve radical financial breakthroughs and results.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Seven Key Steps To Achieving Your Financial Goal

The “Seven Key Steps To Achieving Your Financial Goal” is designed in the form of questions that you can pose to yourself.

By posing questions to yourself, you can find the answers to help you take the correct steps to move forward and achieve success.

The quality of your achievement depends on the quantity of quality questions you pose to yourself throughout your life.

Asking the right question is liken to controlling the steering wheel of a car.

Asking the right question is the first and the right start. Many falter in posing the right questions to themselves and therefore, steel themselves on the wrong path and in the wrong direction.

1. What’s Your Goal?

Ask yourself, what’s my dream for the future? What do I really want to achieve by a specific date?

Crafting your dream is like using a compass. It will help you chart your direction to your destination in life.

2. Where Are You Right Now?

What’s your current position right now?

If you don’t know where you are, you cannot make a meaningful start. You will not reach your destination because you can’teven plan for the journey.

3. What’s Your Initial Action Plan?

What do you have to initially do to achieve your dream? How can you take the first few critical steps?

If you dream and you don’t know how to turn your dream into a reality, you’re living in your own mind. Like diapers, it may give you some comfort but it is definitely not a permanent solution.

Without knowing what to do, you can’t fulfil your dream.

4. What’s Causing The Gap?

What causes the gap between your dream and achievement of the dream? What are the primary causes of the gap?

You need to know the sources of the problems so that you can resolve them. By dealing with the symptoms, your problems will either continue or they will return back to haunt you.

Count the cost to fulfil your dream. Pay the price and make the necessary sacrifices.

Hard work is definitely a necessary part of the journey.

5. How Can You Close The Gap?

How can you resolve the issues to close the gap? What can you do to take yourself from where you are until you reach your goal?

You need to have a detailed action plan. Like they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You need to map out the strategies and tactics to reach your dream.

It includes a detailed list of actionable steps. In addition, you need to craft different alternatives in case the route that you had selected did not work.

You need to deploy your resources effectively and efficiently so as to make your dream come true.

6. How Can You Implement The Action Plan?

The key difference between dreaming and achieving the dream is just one word – execution. It is the capacity, ability and tenacity to act on your dream.

If you have a dream and you don’t take action, you’re building castles in the air. On the other hand, if you take action but you don’t have a dream, you are merely running around the same castles.

It is not enough to be a dreamer, you need to be a doer too. You need to go beyond execution and learn how to excel in your action.

Execution is about improving your action constantly so as to bring your dream closer to reality.

7. How Can You Evaluate And Improve Your Progress?

how can you measure and improve your progress in achieving your dream?

If you cannot measure, you cannot keep track of where you are and how you’re going to reach your destination. Through measurement, you can find out if you are moving in the right direction and find ways to improve your journey.

Even if you’re happy with the current state, you can research and find out if there is a better position that you should be in. Look for gaps that are holding you back from serving a higher calling and fulfilling a worthier cause.

Then, follow the above 7 steps to take yourself and team there.

When I was serving my national service as an officer, I was trained to bridge a gap through obstacles. Our troops will then be able to go through the gap to reach our objective or a better ground.

Enjoy yourself as you breach one gap after another to take yourself to a higher level of achievement.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Wiring Your Brain For Financial Success

The biggest enemy to achieving financial success lies between your ears.

Unfortunately, most people have not conditioned their minds, programmed their brains, and wired their neural networks for financial success.

While growing up, their parents did not teach them how to be rich and wealthy.

In schools, not many teachers are focused on being financially intelligent. Few are able to impart financially literacy knowledge and skills to their students.

Perhaps, that’s why financial literacy education is not a major part of academic curriculum.

In most workplaces, employers are not inclined to help their staff improve their financial literacy levels. They’re concern about setting unnecessary expectations and losing their employees.

To make matters worst, there are very few programmes that can help ordinary persons improve their financial positions and achievements.

Just as importantly, not many people are willing to pay the price, make necessary sacrifices, and discipline themselves to learn, improve and achieve better financial results.

As a result, most people have not honed their reticular activating system (RAS) to enhance their financial success.

The RAS is a part of the brain’s attention centre. It’s responsible for regulating transitions between sleep and wakefulness, including levels of consciousness.

In addition, it’s also the gatekeeper of thoughts, emotions and external influences.

As a switching centre, the RAS processes a constant bombardment of information that are received through all five senses.

It sieves out crucial information to be transmitted to the conscious mind so as to
coordinate integrated responses to external stimuli and inputs.

As a result, the RAS plays an important part in activating the right focus, motivation, and action to achieve financial goals.

Having taught many people about the vital functions of the RAS, I can count only a few people who are aware about the RAS and are committed to sharpening their RAS to achieve financial freedom.

Besides teaching my students different strategies and techniques to develop the RAS in order to create, grow, spend and protect wealth wisely, I also encourage my students to carry out an ongoing series of fun work.

(I hate to use words like homework, exercises or practices).

I taught them that wherever they are, they should always explore ways to help improve the people and environment around them.

Whenever my students come across a profit-making enterprise, project or activity and even if they are not involved in it, they should challenge themselves to come out with ways to strengthen those enterprises and increase their number of customers, sales, and profits.

By doing so, they learn to focus on wealth-creation.

Whatever they focus upon will take on a clearer and more effective and efficient perspective.

They also learn to be more curious about money, and to research and reflect more deeply into the art and science of improving their financial positions and assets.

As they carry out these fun works, they develop their RAS to help them make the world a better home.

They also learn how to raise more financial resources to serve a higher calling and fulfill a worthier cause.

In conclusion, please look within and around you right now.

How can you do more and do better for yourself, others and the environment?

How can you earn more money to help you live a more meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life?

Keep asking yourself such questions and you’ll hone your RAS to support you in achieving financial freedom.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Achieving Success By Not Focusing On Success

It may sound strange to a lot of my friends if they know that I did not start off in my working life wanting to be an entrepreneur or an investor.

After my graduation, I wanted to be a … (sound of drum roll) … social worker.

As someone who grew up in poverty and has experienced many hardships, I wanted to devote my life to helping others so that they could have a fair chance to do well in life.

I could not see myself doing many type of jobs other than being involved in serving the poor, the needy, and the disadvantaged.

Back in 1976, I was given the opportunity to intern at a youth organization in Hong Kong with a view of learning how to be a social worker.

At that point, my family was literally living hand to mouth and therefore, they could not afford the expenses for my trip.

Some of my friends offered to sell old newspapers, do odd jobs, and pool their savings to raise funds for me.

They believed in me and worked very hard to ensure that I could go on that life-changing trip.

Though they have moved on with their lives and the whereabouts of many of them are unbeknownst to me, I am eternally grateful to them.

Their sacrifices and contributions have given me the impetus to help others whenever it is possible to fulfill their dreams.

I was sent to understudy Mr. David Chu, the National Director of a youth organization.

Mr. Chu was an ex-teacher and a charismatic youth leader.

He gave up a relatively secure job because he was passionate about transforming young people for a good cause.

Learning from him and watching him in actions planted an inspirational seed in my mind.

That seed has continued to grow. It is a seed of belief in the potential of young people to change the world.

We used to say, “If we don’t win young people’s hearts today, they will break ours tomorrow.”

If we mould and shape their lives correctly, they will create a brighter future for all of us.

As our movement was not adequately funded, Mr. Chu and I had to sleep in the office.

At the end of every evening, we would each roll out a mattress and lay it on top of an office table and sleep on it for the night.

Although I came from a poor family and did not sleep in the most comfortable condition, that experience capped it all.

Sleeping on a small table almost felt like I was learning a special martial art from a legendary kung fu master.

I had to learn how to sleep lightly and in a controlled manner so that I would not fall off the table.

One evening, I did fall off the table. I hit the floor so hard that it woke Mr. Chu up.

The pain from the fall was soon forgotten because both of us could not help but burst out laughing.

Since then, I did not fall off the table again.

Perhaps, it was a sign that I have mastered the secret kung fu of internal energy (“Hi-yah!”)

Throughout the day, I would spend most of my time with Mr. Chu as he went about helping young people, teaching, counseling and guiding them.

Mr. Chu ran his operation like it was a life-or-death mission and that was why he had worked with utmost commitment and discipline.

As I reflected on the internship, I realized it has influenced me more than my few years of formal education.

It secured my commitment to make something good out of my life and giving of myself to serve our Creator and help Him reclaim humanity.

Mr. Chu’s personal influence and impact on me lasted to this day. He inspired me to pour out my heart to transform lives and serve worthwhile missions.

That was why I have always made it a point to share my experience and expertise with different mentees.

Mentors like Mr. Chu and many others had helped me coined one of my organizing principles – “Anything worth doing is worth doing with passion and excellence.”

During my internship in Hong Kong, one of the highlights was immersing myself in deep meditation every morning.

Our organization operated from a rented space in the YMCA Building at Nathan Road.

Besides the building, there was a clump of trees that covered a small hill. I could see the first few steps of a concrete staircase that ran up a slope to the top of the hill.

I spent many a morning at the peak of the hill meditating about my life.

Reflecting, praying, and planning on how I could be a better leader; and how I could be used as an instrument to inspire more people to serve a higher calling.

After completing my studies, I applied and got a job as a social worker.

Subsequently, life played what I thought was a cruel joke on me till it turned out to be one of the best gifts in my life.

Just before I started work, the leader, who had employed me and promised to guide me, stepped down from the organization.

He left me feeling disappointed and lost.

After seeking wise counsels, I was advised to go out to the real world and chalk up real life experiences.

By undergoing some pain and sorrow, I would then earn my stripes and scars to help others with their challenges.

That was how I decided to experience what it meant to work in and what some would call, a “cold and cruel” business world.

Instead, the experience turned out to a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling one.

Up till now, I’ve not lost the romance of working and the romance of making the most out of my work.

After walking into the business world, I thank God for helping me rise through ranks and files.

I eventually ran the regional office of a multi-billion dollar company that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). I also had a good run as an entrepreneur and an investor.

Along the way, I was given the privilege, capacity, and other resources to pioneer and participate in many charitable, humanitarian, civic, grassroots and philanthropic initiatives.

On 5 December 2013, 37 years after ending my internship in Hong Kong, a strange thing happened to me.

It happened a few months after I had sold most of my shares in a public-listed company and decided to “retire” from the business world.

I was invited to speak at a CEO Conference held at The Cityview hotel in Hong Kong.

After checking into my room, I drew the curtains.

Guess what I saw?

A clump of trees that covered a small hill. I could see the first few steps of a concrete staircase that ran up a slope to the top of the hill.

I rang the receptionist and asked her, “What was on this site before the development of The Cityview hotel?”

She replied me casually without realizing the impact of her words in my heart, “The location of this hotel used to be that of the YMCA building.

“In fact, many of the taxi drivers still know this place as ‘the former YMCA’”.

After I hung up the phone, I broke down.

I never thought I would be back to that location again. It brought back memories of my life-changing internship.

From 1976 to 2013, I felt like my life has gone one full circle.

I started my work life wanting to be a social worker.

However, I accidentally stumbled onto the path of entrepreneurship and investment.

For 37 years, I did not become a social worker, nor did I review any possibility of becoming one.

However, as an entrepreneur and an investor, I was able to achieve similar objective of a social worker – to help others live a better life.

I was also able to give more to the society and achieve more through supporting worthwhile causes.

Looking at the hill again from the same location that had played such an important part in my life, I decided to re-dedicate my life to our Creator.

I endeavored to be His clay so that He could mould me into His image and help me make a positive difference to others and the environment.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

I want to use this story to share with a very powerful principle in life.

This principle is encapsulated in the Law of Precession as propounded by one of my mentors, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller.

Bucky, as he was affectionately known by many of his students, was known to have one of the most profound minds in the last century.

He was truly a Renaissance Man – a well-balanced person who has distinguished himself as a visionary, philosopher, inventor, engineer, architect, poet, and more.

Bucky defined precession as “the intereffect of individually operating cosmic systems upon one another. Since Universe is an aggregate of individually operative systems, all of the intersystem effects of Universe are precessional, and the 180-degree imposed forces usually result in redirectional resultants of 90 degrees.”

Now that I have impressed you by quoting something that I do not understand, let me give you my layman’s interpretation of the Law of Precession.

For every force that is applied in one direction, it will give rise to a resulting force that runs 90-degree to that direction and the resulting force is more powerful than the initial force.

Take for instance, when a stone is dropped into a pond, it will cause ripples.

A bee is attracted to a flower because of the nectar. As a result, it will pick up pollens, drop them to the ground and cause the growth of new trees and plants.

Both the Sun and Earth have gravity. The gravitational forces will draw both the Sun and Earth to each other, resulting in the Earth orbiting around the Sun.

How does the Law of Precession affect you?

If, for example, you want to be rich and wealthy, do not focus on money.

By focusing on money, it will cause you to become greedy. That will repel people from wanting to be your friend and do business with you.

You will also become unhappy because you will never be happy until you earn the next dollar.

If you want to be rich and wealthy, make money the resulting force.

Focus on delivering positive values to others. At the highest level of value-additions, offer love to the people around you.

In doing so, you will attract more friends and positive relationships. More people will want to do business with you and invest in your ventures.

How can you achieve success? It is by making success the resulting force in your life.

Learn to become a servant leader. Seek to love and serve others.

If you do not have a heart to love and serve others, you do not qualify nor deserve to be successful.

Be mindful of the vision, needs and concerns of the people around you.

Look after their best interests.

Reach out to bring out the best in them and help them live the best of life.

Seek to not only help them go far in life but also, help them carry their burdens.

Continue to value-add to them.

They should be better off with you in their lives than without you.

Whatever you do, don’t do it to satisfy your ego and never be driven by a self-serving agenda.

Serve with humility, and value others above yourself.

Help them achieve their desired outcomes and make them feel that they did it on their own.

Inspire your team mates to believe that they are able to pursue a higher level of achievement and that they know how to do it even in your absence.

Develop a won-win relationship with them.

The won-win relationship is based on the Golden Rule:

Do to others what you want others to do to you – even before they have done it to you.

Having a won-win relationship means that they must win first before you can win.

They have to be successful before you can be successful.

When you help enough people to be successful, some of them will also help you to be successful.

Focus on the quality of your contributions and not on the quantity of your possessions.

When you have a track record of helping others to succeed, soon you don’t have to chase for success.

Success will chase after you.

As for me, I don’t even seek a win-win but a single-win relationship with others.

As long as they win, I’m happy. I don’t need to win at all.

I aim to be the best number 2 so that the people around me can be number 1.

There’s no desire to pursue any recognition, reward and return for myself.

On my journey in life, I seek to live for our Creator and to inspire others to greatness.

By living out these principles, I believe all of us can make positive and sustainable social impacts. We can make our world a better home.

Now, isn’t that what good social workers seek to achieve through their work and contributions?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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“I Will Kill You!”

I can still hear those words in my mind. Words that will haunt me to the last day of my life.

Zhen (not her real name) said those words to me over the phone.

I have no qualms that she meant every word she said, and she also made sure I heard her loud and clear.

At that point, she was in Hangzhou and I was in Shanghai.

Zhen was one of my company’s distributors then.

She was an up-and-coming leader in our distribution chain in China.

Tall, slim, good looking, very articulate and outspoken, Zhen had these and other qualities that would help her stand out in any meeting.

That was the impression I had when I first met her.

Many who had business dealings with her shared a similar impression.

As part of our business system, she was encouraged to attend a series of trainings.

That was how I first met Zhen when I taught in one of the classes.

The objective of the programme was to mentor distributors on how to conduct business presentations in public.

As part of the training, they had to learn how to create an impactful introduction for their presentations.

I told them, “If you don’t win the audience’s hearts and minds right from the beginning, you may not have their ears right to the end of your presentation.

“The audience might not support and buy into your message, let alone patronize your products and services.”

To ensure the students cultivate the right skills, they had to practise presenting the introductory part of a speech to the class as well as to our guests.

When it was Zhen’s turn, she stood up confidently at the centre of the stage.

She had a commanding presence even as she scanned the room and attempted to connect with each and every one.

She looked into every pair of eyes as if she was sublimely crawling her way through their eyes and into their souls.

Finally, she spoke, and her words literally hit our hearts like an emotional tsunami.

Zhen said, “I was once a prostitute.”

After she spoke those words, there was an electrifying silence, a silence that spoke louder than words.

Subsequently, Zhen not only earned her rights to our listening ears, she kept us spellbound with her life story.

It was an inspirational story of how she literally fell into a deep pit in her life.

As part of an underground network in her town, she went through many struggles and battles to stay alive.

What impressed me most was the fact that she was a fighter.

She never backed down from a challenge, and she managed to find her place in the dark shadows of the main street.

With the same can-do and will-do spirit, she fought hard to leave the red light district and establish herself in the business world.

Zhen committed everything she had into the business and was doing well at the beginning.

Unfortunately a very bad experience marred her fiercely determined quest for success.

She was cheated by her master distributor and the ensuing disappointment and resentment quickly spiralled to depths of hatred.

She became bitter and was looking for scapegoats to blame for her problems.

Tragically, Zhen thought that our company was involved in engineering her bad experiences.

That was why she made the call to us and threatened every key leader in our management team.

What do you think I did?

My response might surprise or even shock you.

I tried very hard to clarify that we had nothing to do with her issues.

At the heat of the teleconference, I told her, “I’ll catch the earliest possible flight to meet you and explain to you face to face.”

To say that she was surprised by my response was an understatement.

It stunned her into total silence for a while.

Then, Zhen repeated her threat, “How dare you even think of stepping foot into my territory.

“Perhaps you’re not getting it. Let me say it again.


When I offered to meet her, safety or security was not the uppermost in my mind.

Protecting myself could be planned for at a later stage.

What was more important was the fact that my honour was at stake.

Honour is what gives every human a sense of pride and dignity.

Without pride and dignity, there will not be any true meaning, passion and joy for living.

Honour is an essence of life. It has to be defended at all costs.

For the sake of defending my honour, I was prepared to risk my life.

Make a trip to the unknown and walk into an unpredictable future.

As a child, I grew up in a tough neighbourhood and had to earn my keep as an honest hawker at the defunct Sungei Road Flea Market.

In the days of old, Sungei Road Flea Market was sometime known as the Thieves Market.

At a young age, I decided never to bow or bend to wealth, might, and force.

Never to run away from challenges, especially if they stood in my way of achieving a worthwhile dream.

As I study the lives of great leaders, one common denominator stood out in my mind.

The leaders who shaped their worlds and created new futures were defined by their indomitable fighting spirit.

As much as they preferred to pick their battles, at the same time, they were operationally prepared to fight against all odds to reach their desired destinations.

They knew full well that if they did not fight for a good cause, they might fall for anything and live for nothing.

When they fought for a good cause, they live out the essence of life.

On the other hand, when they fight for nothing, they might end up as “living dead” – who were merely not buried.

Therefore, quitting was never an option, nor ever been granted a space in their minds.

They lived by the saying, “The battle is never over as long as you don’t quit. When you quit, the battle is over.”

There would always be a way to overcome or go around any challenge.

The leaders who never quit would eventually lead their people to the promised land.

Along their journeys, one of the greatest battles was the battle with themselves.

They constantly waged a war to direct and control themselves.

They learned to transform themselves from what they were to become, to what they should be, in order to be a great leader.

These leaders suffered many defeats.

They went through more than their fair share of traumas, pains and brokenness.

However, they chose to capitalize on these challenges to further strengthen their fighting spirit.

They chose to grow bigger than their problems and fight more wisely to achieve a final victory.

Back to my story, it took us a while to pacify Zhen and come to an amicable settlement with her.

Sadly, Zhen decided to give up the business and when we parted ways, she was still reeling from hatred and bitterness.

Deep in my heart, I prayed that the fighting spirit that got her off the street would help her rise up from the pits again and soar to the stars in her dream.

As a company, we removed the master distributor.

To grow the business, we fought many more battles to set our house in order.

As I reflect on this episode, one key lesson is that the journey to success is not just about the final victory.

It is also about the way you fight your way to the final victory.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Tenacity is the passion, determination, discipline, perseverance and resilience to achieve worthwhile dreams.

It is the long, narrow and stony path between you and your desired goals.

Through ever-improving tenacity, you will end at sustainable success.

Tenacity is not just about having the guts, grit and gumption to do what you want to do.

It is also about doing the things that you don’t want to do in order to reach the desired destination.

Tenacity drives you to persevere despite obstacles, adversity and failures along the way.

Tenacity is a trait that can be developed and fine tuned through constant commitment, focused effort, and improvement.

Practicing tenacity can become a habit.

In the same way, quitting can also be a habit

Why not choose the habit of practicing tenacity?

Tenacious people don’t just ask, “What if I fail?” They also ask themselves, “What if I don’t succeed?”

They don’t just ask, “Is there a way?” They also ask, “How can I find a way?

“How can I develop a better way, or pursue a better destination?”

“Am I willing to risk who I am, what I do, and what I have for the sake of who I can be, what I can do, and what I can have?

If you run out of solutions, tenacity will eventually help you develop appropriate solutions.
When you press on to develop tenacity, tenacity will help you press on towards success.

When a problem is too big for you to overcome, tenacity compels you to grow stronger and bigger than your problem so that you are better positioned to overcome the problem.

When you press on in pressing on, you will get better in completing the tasks.

The race will get easier.

As you become more tenacious, you can become luckier too.

Tenacity allows you to try different keys and one of them may even unlock the door to achieve the impossible.

To practice tenacity is to live like water.

Water is an essence of life. It cleanses and purifies, and it is a a life-giver too.

It thrives because it is a vital resource to humans, families, communities and society.

There is no other element that can take on different shapes, states and sizes.

Trigger different senses and sensations.

Water can be hot or cold, and be still or flowing.

Cleanse and purify, and also ascend to the sky and descend to the depths of earth.

At the same time, water is meek and powerful, and soft and strong.

Gentle and submissive and yet, nothing can stand in its way.

Water flows across the land and from the highest peaks to the lowest pits, bringing forth and sustaining life.

Water speaks to me of integrity, clarity, ability, adaptability, agility, creativity and tenacity.

These are qualities that are needed to survive and succeed in the brave new age of disorder.

Any obstacle that stands in the way of water will eventually have to give way to it.

Water will eventually find the way to its destination.

It can move mountains and change landscapes permanently.

Therefore, like water, be unstoppable.

Success belongs who to those who never give up.

These leaders believe that success is a long corner but it is just around the corner.

They craft some of the most inspiring stories to transform lives and change destinies.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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The Day My Company Almost Died…

There was an evening scene that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

A living room in a resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. Six of us were sitting around a table and we were in a deep discussion.

There were looks of despair, fear and helplessness – three potent emotions that when mixed together would drive anyone down an emotional spiral.

Prior to that moment, I had given everybody an overview of our business’s strategic and financial positions.

The prognosis was not good. In fact, my conclusion was that we had come to the end of the entrepreneurial road.

Some years before that painful evening and during the dot-com boom, we had founded a technology company

At the initial stage, our start-up had big dreams, great potential, and you could say, staggering achievements too.

Within a short period, we had thousands of clients paying us a decent fee. They came from more than ten countries.

That achievement was unprecedented and almost record-breaking.

Most dot-com companies were providing freebies while chasing eye balls. They have also not quite expanded beyond their home and neighbouring countries.

We were certainly on a roll. Nothing seemed to be able to stop our technological juggernaut.

Then came the dot-com crash in 2001. By then, we had many copycats.

Meanwhile, there was a wave of disruptive innovations that turned our “radical innovation” into a normal proposition.

We were facing multiple disruptions on many fronts and throughout the value chain.

There were no more road ahead of us.

We were facing untamed jungles and they were looming over us in a hostile way.

That night, there wasn’t even a single star in sight to guide us forward.

After my short message, there was a deep silence. It was like an avalanche had suddenly hit us and buried us up to our neck with snow.

The initial coldness was gradually biting deeper and deeper into our being.

After what seemed like ages, I finally broke the silence.

“We have no other choices. So far, we have invested more than $4 million of our own savings into the company.

“We can’t go on pouring money into a deep dark well.

“Let’s close the company.”

The proverbial guillotine was released.

In this case, our life was not just taken away in a split of a moment.

It was worse.

We felt like our baby was forcibly taken from us and the sharp blade had cut through our hearts.

After that meeting, you could imagine how all of us had walked out of the door and into the suffocating darkness of the night.

What was more painful was that we were gradually being swallowed by the darkness in our spirit.

The next few days, I was a tormented soul.

I couldn’t get my brain to face my heart or for that matter, any other part of my being.

Shortly after, my team and I made a brave and many would say, an illogical decision.

We decided to fight back.

We believed that we have many more fights left inside us.

We would not run away from disruptive forces. Instead, we would take them by the horns.

We would beat our way through hostile jungles until we can build a bigger and better road to freedom.

Long story short, our company went on to recover out losses. Stopped the bleeding and became one of the most profitable dot-com companies.

In 2005, we became the seventh fastest growing company in the Asia Pacific region according to Deloitte & Touché.

From this and many other experiences, I realized that failures do not have to be millstones around your neck.

They can be stepping stones to help you achieve greater successes.

Through that dark experience, I rediscovered one of the critical success factors – Tenacity.

Without tenacity, you can never achieve sustainable success.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Please read my reflections and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!